Protect your brand in Google Ads and stop violations of your keywords.

• Identify competitors and affiliates that use your keywords
• Increase your CTRs and reduce the average value of your CPCs
• Boost the results of your paid search campaigns
• Eliminate unfair competition
• And more!

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Data Royal is the exclusive representative of Adv Cake solutions, one of the global leaders in attribution fraud detection in affiliate networks as well as brand protection in paid search campaigns.

+120 companies around the world already use Adv. Cake solutions

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Discover the benefits:

Protection of your highest-value traffic
Your brand’s search engine traffic is one of the most converting. Make sure that your competitors, partners and affiliates are not violating your brand usage policies.
Eliminates unfair competition on Google
Avoid misuse of your brand and keywords in Google Ads and other paid search engines. Increase your CTRs and lower your CPCs.
Protection of your brand
Ensure compliance with search engine trademark rules and take control of your customer journey.

Protect your brand against brand-bidding and boost your results in paid search

Identification of domains that are using your brand’s unique keywords
Ad details: keywords, titles, texts, location, time, landing page and other relevant data
Evidence for objection: redirect and destination URLs and reproduction of the ads served
Detection of redirects with affiliate links
Report on redirects path of each ad
24/7 monitoring of your keywords used by competitors and affiliates
Data collected in real time to report and eliminate violations in search engines

Understand how we can protect your brand against brand-bidding

Captures evidence of violations, print and search query.
Identifies ads that are using the defined keywords, whether exact, broad or phrase match.
Tracks keyword usage in titles, descriptions and queries.
Checks geolocation, date, search engine and keywords used.
Determines the domains that are using the keywords.

The brand-bidding solution that protects your brand and boosts your results

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Get protected, save up and gain Data Intelligence with Antifraud & Analytics

We analyze the sales attributed to your affiliate and retargeting campaigns, verify the veracity of the attributions, and automatically classify conversions that show violations or suspicious behavior in your attribution throughout your consumer journey.
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